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How to get to Tetouan

Flying direct or with stopover
You can fly to this airport from virtually anywhere in the world with a stopover in either Casablanca or Marrakech. However, there are also many direct flights to Tangier’s airport, and the selection has been growing since its recent refurbishment in 2008.

Traditional airlines flying direct to Tangier:
Royal Air Maroc: from London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Brussels.
Iberia: from Madrid.
Europe Airpost: (high-season flights) from London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milano, Rome, Geneva, Marseille and Ostend.

Low-cost airlines flying direct to Tangier:
EasyJet: from Paris and Madrid
Ryanair: from Paris, Madrid and Brussels. (It has also high-season flights from Milano and Marseille.)
Jet4You: Barcelona, Brussels.
Air Arabia: Amsterdam, Montpellier
Air Berlin: Cologne, Bonn

You can get to the south of Spain by plane or driving your own car. Once there, you only need to cross on a ferry because Morocco is just 10 miles away on the opposite shore of the Mediterranean.

Flying to the south of Spain
If you want to travel by plane, the airports in south Spain may sometimes offer you a better connection than Tangier’s airport. You can fly into the Cadiz, Malaga, or even Gibraltar airports (the Malaga airport being particularly well connected).

Driving to the south of Spain
You also have the opportunity to get into Morocco with your own car. This will give you much more autonomy during your trip as you won’t need to hire cars or use any public transportation.
After driving to the south Spain you can board on any of the ferries to Morocco as these boats can transport private cars.

The ferryboats
Once in the south of Spain, you will need to make a short journey on ferryboat that will take you directly onto Morocco. The ferries have two possible destinations: the Tangier-Med port near the city of Tangier and the Ceuta port, which is close to the city of Tetouan (see map below). There are boats leaving very frequently from the Algeciras port in Cadiz and it is possible to buy the ticket without any pre-bookings at the port itself, even a few minutes before the ferry leaves. The fast-ferries take 45 minutes to get to Ceuta and one and a half hours to get to Tangier-Med.

Ferry lines in the strait of Gibraltar (Copyright - FRS)

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